Alberto Beneventi was born in Pavullo nel Frignano in the province of Modena where he lives and works.
While he was studying for his degree in law and was working as a jounalist, Beneventi also studied and worked on his love of painting, up to his first show in 2001.
Among the joint exhibitions he has taken part in, the review in 2004 was particularly important where his works were shown together with paintings by Mario Schifano and other artists in the Piazza del Popolo group in Rome, as well as the exhibition in the same year at the Galleria Petruso Arteincornice in Turin where his paintings were teamed with those of well-known masters such as Mauro Reggiani, Gianfranco Ferroni and Giovanni Cappelli.
Among his solo exhibitions, the show at the Galleria Cortina in Milan, with a presentation in the catalogue by Roberto Armenia stands out, as well as the one in 2005 in Pavia at the Libreria Edizioni Cardano with a presentation in the catalogue by Gaspare De Caro and Roberto De Caro.
In these two exhibitions, which were promoted and organised by the ADAC in Modena, his work was highly appreciated by both the public and critcs.

In November 2005 and 2007, he took part in the La Fenice et des artistes Competition in Venice.
Several of his works have been published over the last few years in the prestigious art and culture magazine Hortus Musicus which, on two occasions in 2004 and 2005, dedicated the whole cover to his works.

Alberto Beneventi is present among the artists in the catalogue “13 x 17” edited by Philippe Daverio and printed in 2007 by Rizzoli.
In May 2007 he participated in an joint exhibition at Villa Carcina in Brescia together with artists such as Piero Dorazio and Mauro Reggiani.
In December 2007 a solo exhibition was inaugurated at the Rocca Sforzesca in Dozza (Imola) promoted by the Dozza Town Council and the Dozza Città d’Arte Foundation.
The show, organised by the ADAC in Modena, was arranged by Marilena Pasquali. The catalogue of the exhibition contains texts by Marilena Pasquali and Eugenio Riccomini.
In May 2008 his works were shown in a joint exhibition in the Galleria Spazio Fisico in Modena.
On the 6th September 2008, a new solo exhibition of his works was opened at the Palazzo dei Principi di Correggio (Reggio Emilia) promoted by the Correggio Town Council and organised by the ADAC. This review was also arranged by Marilena Pasquali.

  On November 2009 a solo exhibition was inaugurated at Antiquum Oratorium Passionis in the Sant'Ambrogio basilic in Milano.  It has gained a lot of attention. It was organized by the Blanchaert Gallery of Milan and Roberto De Caro, who has also promoted the writing of the catalogue of the Oreste Genzini and Philippe Daverio Editions. On December 2009 and January 2010 a new solo exhibition was at the Spazio Pake of Castelvetro (Modena). This exhibition was organized by The ADAC Association (Art and Culture Diffusion Association) of Modena.

From 3 of March to 15 may 2011 a great personal exhibition was opened in the great exhibion rooms of MOBALPA in Boulevard Diderot, 15 with the presence of french ministry Anne Marie Montchamp. The exhibition had a great success of public and criticism.

In december 2011 an Alberto Beneventi's work, a large pink wall has been exposed at Biennale di Torino and it's one of the works included in the catalogue of Istituto Nazionale di Cultura and Ministry of Public Instruction dedicated at Padiglione Italia of the last edition of Biennale di Venezia. The catalogue is curated by Vittorio Sgarbi 

A solo exhibition in Milan at Studio Bolzani during Spring 2013, arranged by Cristina Muccioli, had a great success of public and criticism.