Volker Reiche, one of the best and the most excellent German cartoonist (STRIZZ) is currently working on his big painting zyklus FRIENDLY FIRE, devoted to the dark side of human endeavor, namely to consistently mass shoot each other in the head. BLACK LINE SPEED, GODDAMN ALIENS, GOO OL ACID GUN, QUITE CLOSE, scram!, HOMEFRONT, GOTCHA!, ZING! ! DOUBLE and ZING, the titles of some of his paintings, suggest that Reiche in this series is in brilliant dialogue with the KILL TEAMS of the world - in reality, and media processing.


With "Strizz" Volker Reiche drew from 2002 to 2010 the most successful German newspaper comic for the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", for which he received several important awards: the Max and Moritz Prize of the city of Erlangen, Olaf Gulbransson price and the price of the Swift Market Economy Foundation. He also was awarded 2006 as "Best German comic artist."

In February 2015 his new book "Killing is Fun" is realeased at Edition Faust  with paintings by Volker Reiche and contributions by Dietmar Dath, Andreas Platthaus and Friedrich Weltzien