Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl)

2016   Art Virus Ltd., Frankfurt Germany

2015   “The Wolf I Feed” Brian Morris Gallery-Buddy Warren Inc., New York, NY

2014   PS 209 Gallery, Stone Ridge, New York

2011   FiveMyles, Brooklyn, NY

Woodstock Artist Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY        

2007   “Sudden Spring Suite,” Tama, New York, NY

2004   “Wangled Tabs” Maxwell Fine Arts, Peekskill, NY, curated by Koan Jeff Baysa          

2003   100 Broadway Exhibition Program, New York City, curated by Suzanne  Randolph Fine Arts

2001   Recent Paintings, Barbara Greene Fine Art, New York City

“Razing Space, The New Paintings of C. Michael Norton” Galerie

Terre d’Art, St. Paul de Vence, France

1992   Albissola/ America/Arte” Museo Civico d’Arte Contemporanea, Albissola, Italy

Galerie Capazza, Paris/Nancay, Nancay, France

1990   Galerie Bercovy-Fugier, Paris, France

1985   Gallery 30, San Mateo, California

1984   Galerie Christine Le Chanjour, Nice, France

Galerie Jean-Yves Noblet, Paris/Grenoble, France

1983   Markham Gallery/Museum Services, San Jose, California

1981   San Jose State University, San Jose, California


Gruppenaustellungen (Auswahl)

2016   David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Bushwick, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY

2016   Torrance Art Museum “Sibling Rivlaries” Los Angeles, California

Nation IV Thru The Rabbit Hole, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015   Salon Zurcher Paris/New York, Paris France, with Brian Morris Gallery

2014 -15   Brian Morris Gallery “spacematters” New York, NY

2013   Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012   5th Beijing International Biennale, National Art Museum of Beijing, Beijing, China

3 Person at Filser & Graf, Munich, Germany

Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY

2011   Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY

Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Exit Art, New York, NY

2009   Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY

2008   Sunshine International Museum, Beijing, China

Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY

Union Square West Group Exhibition (Tama Gallery), New York, NY

“Inside/Outside,” Maxwell Fine Art, New York City

“Precipitations London Biennale New York Pollinations,”

The Lab Gallery Roger Smith Hotel, New York City, curated by Koan Jeff Baysa

2001-02   Barbara Greene Fine Art, New York City

2000-02   Galerie Terre d’Art, St. Paul de Vence, France

1990-98   Galerie Capazza, Paris/Nancay France

1989-91   Galerie Bercovy-Fugier, Paris, France

Salon International D’Arts Plastiques de Valognes, France

Galerie Bercovy-Fugier, Paris, France

1986   Zeus-Trabia Gallery, New York City

1985   San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, California

Arco, International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid, Spain

1984   Solan de Montruge, Pairs, France


Bibliography (Auswahl)


2015    Le Quotidien De L’Art Mardi 20n Octobre 2015, Salon Zurcher showing North American Galleries

THE LOOKOUT, “The Wolf I Feed”, Brian Morris Gallery and Buddy Warren Inc. Art in America, (June)

C. Michael Norton, Brian Morris Gallery and Buddy Warren Inc. by Alexa Lawrence, Art News, Summer 2015

Artcritical, The Review Panel, April 28, panel took place, May 29, 2015 with David Cohen, Peter Plagens, Roberta Smith, Christina Kee

Gorky’s Granddaughter Studio interview by Zachary Keeting & Christopher Joy, 26 minute video, March 15, 2015 

2014   “The Temptation of Space” by Richard Vine,

Black Renaissance Noire, edited & published by the Institute of African-American Affairs at New York University (Fall 2014)

2013    “Over The Top” by Stephen Westfall, (July 2013)      

2007   “Sudden Springs Suite” by Koan Jeff Baysa

“The Sudden Spring Series” by Koan Jeff Baysa, dArt International (volume 10, number 1), Miami, Florida

“Tactile Abpressionism” by Koan Jeff Baysa, NY Arts (March/April 2007)

2004   “Wrangled Tebs” by Koan Jeff Baysa

2001   “Razing Spaces: The New Paintings by C. Michael Norton” by Dominique Nahas

1990   “C. Michael Norton: From the Comedy of America to the Ceremony of Life,” by Isabelle Coera

1987   C. Michael Norton, featured artist, Peninsula Magazine (April 1987), San Francisco, California

1986   Exhibition 86, 11th Annual Great American Arts Festival, Santa Clara, California (Alena Willcoxon/Eileen Hill/Bee Wax)

1985   “C Michael Norton” by Jacqueline Blance, Galerie Le Chanjour, Nice, France, Kanal Magazine (January 1985)


Awarded Exhibition and residency grants from Ministere de la Culture, Paris, France

Commission d’orientation des artes plastiques, Grenoble, France



1981   Master of Fine Arts, San Jose State University, San Jose, California

1978   Master of Arts, San Jose State University, San Jose, California

1977   Bachelor of Arts, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California