*1982 in Tijuana, México

Painter and graffiti artist with a degree in architecture at the Instituto Tecnologico in Tijuana. His works are influenced by urbanism, the life on the border and the conflict between the First and Third World. Libre Gutiérrez studied social behavior and urban languages ​​that manifest in society and which he transports into various surfaces such as canvas, wood, or brick walls.



2014   5 Artists from the Mexican-US-American Border. Instituto Cervantes / Gallerie Art Virus, Frankfurt, Deutschland

2013    Group Show “Back Alley” Los Angeles CA. E.U.A.

2012    Group Show “Urban Legends” Los Angeles CA. E.U.A.

2012    Selection X. Bienal de murales “Internos” , Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

2011    Group Show “Art Official Truth” Project 1 Galerie, San Francisco CA. E.U.A.

2011    Group Show “3 exposiciones” Brummel, Toluca edo de Mexico.

2011    Group Show y peformance en vivo,“The doLab” teatro El Ray, LA CA. E.U.A.

2010    Group Show “Marvelous Persona” fundacion exMolino, México DF.

2010    Group Show “Callejeros” Smoking mirros Galerie, Los Angeles CA. E.U.A.

2010    Solo Show “Vitrinas” Centro Cultural Tijuana; Tijuana, México.

2009    Dual Show “Full Contact” 5th Galerie, Vevey, Schweiz.

2009    Coordinator & co-creador of the Project “Publico/Privado arte en espacios Públicos” organized by the Galerie “La Caja” in Tijuana, México.

2009    Solo Show “SE VENDE” ExConvento del Carmen, Guadalajara Jal. México.

2008    Group Show “Chora Prints” Farm Labs Studios, Los Angeles CA. E.U.A.

2008    Solo Show “Paisajes de Guerra” I.C.B.C. galería principal, Tijuana BC.México.

2008    Group Show “Art Walk 2008”, Consulado Mexicano, San Diego Ca. E.U.A.

2008    Group Show “Trepe, viviendo al Borde” Border galería, México DF

2007    Group Show “Tijuana Crude” ExConvento del Carmen, Guadalajara Jal. México.

2007    Group Show “Tijuana Firmes” Palacio de la Cultura, Tijuana BC, México.

2007    Group Show “Art Walk 2008”, Consulado Mexicano, San Diego Ca. E.U.A.

2006    Group Show “Obra Selecta” café Latitud 32, Tijuana BC, México.

2006    Group Show “Concurso de pintura LA CETTO” cava LA Cetto, Tijuana BC. México.

2006    Group Show “Tijuana Crude”, Barnsdall Park Municipal Art Galerie, Los Angeles Ca.

2006    Group Show “Bienal Miradas 2006”, I.C.B.C., Tijuana BC. México.

2006    Artist Selection “Art Walk 2006”, Galería  Masquerade, San Diego Ca. EE.UU.

2005    Solo Show “Cultura collage”, Galeria  Masquerade, San Diego Ca. EE.UU.

2005    Artista Seleccionado “Art Walk 2005”, Galeria  Masquerade, San Diego Ca. E.U.A.

2005    Group Show “Take five”, Cava Cetto, Tijuana B.C. México.

2004    Group Show “Bienal Miradas 2004”, I.C.B.C., Tijuana B.C. México.

2004    Group Show “Concurso de Estandartes”, Aeropuerto Internacional, San Diego Ca. E.U.A.

2004    Group Show “Art Walk 2004”, Consulado Mexicano, San Diego Ca. E.U.A.


Studies and Workshops

2010    up till today - Teacher dor Drawing and painting at the Reclusorio Preventivo Varonil Oriente, México DF

2010    Diploma “Art in Public Space” Collection/Fundación Jumex, Universidad Iberoamericana, México DF

2008    Diploma in Culture Management and Culture promotion, CONACULTA, Centro de Humanidades Tijuana

2007    Conclusión de la carrera de Arquitectura

2005    Workshop "Shaping with tin", Mtro. Tlaloc Hernández, Tijuana BC

2005    Worskshop “Alebrijes”, Maestro Tlaloc Hernandez, Mexico DF

2003    Workshop for Installation Art “INSITU”, Maestra Betsabe Romero, Tijuana B.C.México

2001    Workshop for Digital Design, Maestro Juan Pablo Gutiérrez, Tijuana B.C. México

2001    Workshop for silk screen printing, Maestro Juan Pablo Gutierrez, Tijuana B.C. Mexico

2000    Workshop “Perspectiva artistica”, Arquitecto Lopez Lopez

1995    Painting workshop, Martha Álvarez, Playas de Tijuana B.C. México

1993    Workshop for drawing, Maestro Eduardo Coolie, Casa de la cultura, Playas de Tijuana, BC. México