„The Secret Garden Of My Mind“

13.03.2011 — 13.04.2011

Michael Kunert

Michael Kunert himself describes his works as text painting and assigns to them poetically composed essays which reflect both the genesis of the paintings and his attitude to them and (his very own) world. The works both alienate and fascinate the observer at the same time, even though the motifs, objects, rooms and figures are ones that are familiar to us from our everyday lives. Beckmann, too, had in his day also been able to awaken this feeling of discomfort in the observer. The tradition of New Objectivity has doubtless been a source of inspiration for Kunert’s works. In his universe of figures that are strangely stiff and as grotesque as they are, we see them in their environment, which seems oddly restricted and of a stage-like character. The in part broken bodies of the figures sway between opened and hidden. As with Heidegger already, the objects define the room as such